Terms of Service

"Client" as used herein refers to you, the purchaser of services. "Firm" as used therein is Tinch Law Firm, P.C., a law practice whose principal address is 7761 Diamondback Drive, College Park, Maryland.  "Attorney" as used herein is J. Greg Tinch, Esq., who is the principal attorney of Tinch Law Firm, P.C.

 Client is.buying a productized service and engaging the Firm to provide said service. Based on a review of intake documents and communications between Attorney and Client, the productized service scope should be sufficient to complete Client's project. However, if Attorney determines that the scope of the project exceeds the scope of the pre-paid service then Attorney may propose an addendum to capture the enlarged scope if work. Client acknowledges that the Firm's standard attorney hourly rate is $325 and standard paralegal hourly rate is $125.  Any work beyond the pre-defined scope will be billed at these rates.  

Client is responsible for costs and expenses related to these registrations, principally filing fees charged by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO's current fee schedule is available online here. Firm has endeavored to price filing fees into the total cost where possible. To streamline accounting, the Firm may request that Client pre-authorize government fees and provide electronic payment information.  The Firm will keep any financial information in a secure digital vault.  We will never share your information.

Firm may periodically submit invoices to the Client for billable work and expenses.  Invoices are due and payable on receipt.  The Client agrees to pay any outstanding fees, dispute charges, or contact Firm to make payment arrangements within ten (10) business days of receiving an invoice.

Forms of Payment.  Attorney's fees may be paid with any of the following payment options:
1) By the application of funds held in the Firm’s trust account for prepayment of fees, which the firm shall be entitled to transfer upon invoicing;
2) By credit card via the Firm’s payment page, provided that client understands that by clicking “Enter Payment” the client agrees to pay the entire payment amount for the bill selected, and authorizes the Firm to charge the client’s designated payment method for the payment amount;
3) By credit card pre-authorization (Firm keeps Client financial information in a secure digital vault, never shares information and destroys financial information at the end of the engagement pursuant to document retention policy); OR
4) By paper check or ACH (automated deduction from Client’s designated checking account).

Promise to Pay.  Once services are engaged, the Client recognizes that they are contractually bound to the Firm for earned fees. All fees paid are nonrefundable and must be paid in full. It is further understood and agreed that if Client or any third party paying professional fees for Client pays such fees through the use of a debit card, credit card, or other electronic means, such payments cannot be revoked or reversed in any manner by the Client.

Communication.  Attorney will promptly inform the Client of any decision or circumstance that requires the Client’s informed consent; keep Client reasonably informed of the status of the matter; respond to the Client within a reasonable time; and consult with the Client about any relevant limitation on the lawyer’s conduct when the lawyer knows that the Client expects assistance not permitted by the Maryland Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct or other law. The Client agrees to be transparent and honest with the Attorney.  The Client will respond timely to communications, correspondence, and requests for information. The Client agrees further to promptly advise the Attorney of any changes in contact information.  For the Client’s convenience, Attorney can be reached by email at greg@tinchlawmd.com or by phone at (301) 453–5020.

Intellectual Property Disclaimer.  The Attorney will represent the Client according to the highest standards for competence and skill.  However, the Attorney cannot guarantee that Client will obtain a patent, trademark, or copyright registration.  By engaging the Attorney, the Client agrees to pay the Attorney's fee regardless of the final disposition of any patent, trademark or copyright application filed on the Client's behalf.

Confidentiality.  Attorney agrees to maintain the confidentiality of information relating to Client’s case unless the Client gives informed consent, the disclosure is impliedly authorized in order to carry out the representation, or Attorney is discussing the case with another attorney to obtain information relevant to handling the case.

Document Retention.  Attorney will maintain a matter file for the Client, including correspondence and Attorney’s work product, for one year after the task(s) outlined in the scope of representation above have been completed.  

Electronic Communication.  Attorney may decide to deliver messages, documents, invoices and other communications in furtherance of the representation by electronic means. Client hereby consents to receive communications and documents from the Attorney by electronic delivery and agrees to participate in an online communication portal established and maintained by Attorney.

Termination of Representation.   Client can fire the Attorney -- and terminate this agreement -- for any reason at any time by notifying the Attorney in writing.  Attorney may withdraw either with the Client’s consent or for cause, including Client’s failure to comply with any provision of this agreement.  Whether Attorney unilaterally withdraws, Client fires Attorney, or Client and Attorney mutually agree to terminate representation, Client agrees to pay the Attorney a fee based upon time and effort for services rendered at the Attorney’s hourly rate of $345.

i). This is the entire agreement between Client and Attorney, and can be changed only with both Attorney and Client agreeing in writing.
ii). If any provision of this agreement is held in whole or in part to be unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of that provision and of the entire agreement will remain in effect.
iii). This agreement shall apply to any additional or subsequent matters that Attorney agrees to undertake on behalf of the Client, unless the parties agree in writing to a different arrangement.
iv). This agreement may be executed by way of electronic signature.  You agree that your electronic signature will be enforceable as and to the full extent of a hand-written signature as an original for enforcement/enforceability of this Agreement containing the electronic signature.  You agree that you will not raise any defenses or otherwise attempt to invalidate the enforceability of this Agreement to which the electronic signature is affixed.