Democratizing Solar Energy

Damond Merritt -- an engineer -- founded SolarUp! LLC, after he noticed low solar utilization in urban communities.  Solar is sustainable and relatively cheap and SolarUp! could lower energy costs for underserved communities.  While working on this goal, Damond invented a disruptive consumer technology.  

Damond's vision for SolarUp! was to scale the company as a vehicle to create jobs, and wealth by extension, for underserved communities.  Tinch Law is supporting SolarUp!'s entry into the marketplace by building a portfolio of design patents, utility patents, and trademarks.  SolarUp! is well on its way - it recently broke ground on its first manufacturing plant!  You can learn more about SolarUp! here and you can buy the Powercrate® online here!

Common Services

  • Utility Patents
  • Provisional Patents
  • Design Patents
  • Application Amendment
  • Novelty Search
  • Validity / Invalidity
  • Infringement / Non-Infringement
  • Appeal to the PTAB

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Did you know... Apple recovered the largest patent infringement damages on a design patent (not a utility patent)?  The upshot is that design patents are valuable and affordable patent assets.  Your invention's design is subject matter eligible. So is your software's graphical user interface!

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