Frequently Asked Questions about Trademarks


What is the Trademark Symbol?
® is the symbol for register trademarks
™ is the symbol for unregistered trademarks
How long does a Trademark last?
A trademark registration lasts 10 years, provided you file an affidavit of use during year 5. A trademark registration can be renewed during year 10 and every tenth year after.
Can I trademark a domain?
Yes, provided the mark meets the legal requirements for trademark registration - i) the mark identifies your brand as the source of particular goods or services; and ii) your mark will not cause confusion with a competing mark.
Can I trademark a sound?
Yes! For.example, Southwest Airlines owns a trademark registration in the DING! sound.
How much does a trademark cost?
The government charges $250 to e-file an application for trademark registration in the US.
Is there in International Trademark?
Yes - you can register an International trademark under the Madrid System.